Bituminous Coal

Bituminous Coal

Bituminous coal, so called because of its high bitumen content, is the traditional house coal that was the main source of home heating for centuries. It's the soft, black coal that gives you a roaring fire, with smoky yellow flames, that burns for a long time and produces plenty of radiant heat - perfect for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. It's inexpensive and easy to light because it's rich in the tarry substances that combust freely, starting with the dancing yellow flames and burning down to a warm red glow.

Get Your Bituminous Coal Delivered

Order your bituminous coal from us today and we'll deliver it to your home. Call us or order by email - make sure you have plenty of stocks for the winter months and for those chilly summer nights when you don't want the central heating on but you need a welcoming glow in the fireplace.

Where Can I Burn Bituminous Coal?

Bituminous coal is the traditional fuel for open fires, but you'll need to check with the council that you're not in a smoke controlled area. Find the contact details for your local authority here. If you find you're unable to burn bituminous coal, give us a call or check our smokeless fuels page for some great value, high performance alternatives to bituminous coal.


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