Ancillary Products

Ancillary Products

Get the ancillary products for your solid fuel burners delivered with your fuel from V Catlow & Son. We stock a full range of ancillary products to help you get your fire going and keep it burning brightly We deliver or you can come to our yard to collect.

Our Range of Ancillary Products

Our full range of ancillary products for your fire or stove includes:

Packs of Firelighters

32 blocks of paraffin-based firelighters. Safely packaged and easy to light, these are essential to get your coal burning

Nets of Kindling

Small sticks of kiln-dried wood, delivered in large or small nets. Build your fire with a firelighter at the bottom, loosely covered by a handful of kindling. The kindling burns quickly, generating the heat to fire the coal that you put on the top.

Nets of Logs

Our nets of logs contain dried hardwood, cut up into chunky pieces that will go on your open fire or in your stove.

Peat Briquettes

A peat fire will burn without a grate, and gives off a beautiful evocative smell. Try some fresh Irish soda bread cooked on peat embers for a real taste of traditional country living!

Heat Logs

Heat Logs are made from recycled wood shavings and sawdust. These waste products are dried and compressed to form into log shapes that provide a long, eco-friendly burn. They give a great heat output in your stove and in your fireplace.

Order Your Ancillary Products for Delivery Today

Call us at V Catlow & Son to order your ancillary products today. We'll be happy to deliver our ancillary products along with your coal or smokeless fuel, or you can come to collect them from us at White Lund.


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