Anthracite is the product of billions of years of geological pressure and heat on the vegetation from ancient swamps. Coal is made from pre-historic plants that grew in poorly-drained areas. As the dying vegetation fell, the damp conditions and lack of oxygen meant that bacteria could not survive to finish the decomposition of the plant matter, and as the layers built up and compressed, they were transformed, first into peat, then into lignite, then into bituminous coal and finally to anthracite.

Uses of Anthracite

Anthracite is the "purest" form of coal, consisting of 91 - 98% pure carbon. Coming from the deepest mines, it burns slow and hot, making it perfect for industrial use. In your home, it works well in room heaters, stoves and boilers. It's also used in the manufacture of ovoid smokeless fuels. Call us now to arrange for a delivery of anthracite.


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