Best Doubles

Best Doubles

Best doubles are medium sized pieces of coal, easy to light and that burn for a good length of time. This is the traditional house coal that gives you the real fire that gives your living room the cosy glow you don't want to leave! It burns thoroughly, leaving less than 1% ash residue, so you don't need to empty the ash pan every time you re-fuel your open fire or stove. Its high calorific value means you get lots of heat for your money.

Burn Best Doubles on your Open Fire or your Multi-Fuel Stove

Best doubles are the popular choice for many households. The size is perfect for easy lighting, giving a long flame and a good burn time - you'll not be getting up and down all evening to fetch more coal for the fire. Order your best doubles now: give us a call or send an email for fast, efficient delivery.


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