Ovoids are manufactured smokeless fuels, made from mixing anthracite or petrol-based fuel with fillers and pressed into egg-shaped (ovoid) lumps for ease of use and burning. V Catlow and Son Ltd is a reputable local supplier of ovoids, and we supply a range of these smokeless fuels suitable for a variety of heating appliances. Give us a call today for advice on the best ovoids for your heating requirements

Where can I Burn Ovoids?

Different ovoids are specifically designed for different burners. Some are suitable for burning on an open fire in a smoke controlled zone, whilst others are used in stoves and cookers. It's important to get the right ovoids for your appliance - what burns well in an Aga may not be suitable for your fireplace. Call us now and we'll be happy to advise you and arrange speedy delivery of ovoids to your home.


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