Yard Slack

Yard Slack

Yard slack is made up of the small pieces of coal and coal dust that settles at the bottom of the heaps of coal in our yard. If you put it on a fire that's already burning, it settles into the gaps between the larger pieces of cobble or doubles, damping down the air circulation around the fuel This slows down the burn rate and for a while it can look almost as if the fire's gone out. Eventually, though, it catches light and gives a steady, long burn. It's the stuff you put on the fire to keep it lit through the day while you're out, or to make sure the fire keeps burning slowly overnight.

Get Your Yard Slack Delivered from V Catlow & Son

Yard slack is economical to use and is perfect for those long, cold winter nights when you want to keep the chill off the house overnight. Order yours from us today and we'll be happy to deliver all your solid fuel and bituminous coal requirements.


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